When Mumbai was on High Alert
23 Jan 2017 by Luv Israni

Make up @Neeraj Navare
Hairstylist @Meghna Vichare

It is not the first time that I have shot with #Rashmi but this time we went ahead to break the monotonous i.e. her onscreen persona of a traditional Indian women. The idea was to capture the real Rashmi in the pictures only with a bit of experimentations. It was a day when Mumbai was on high alert and it was raining cats & dogs but none of it could stop us!

So we started off with our exotic location -Worli village (Pun not intended :p)(Seriously!) at 6 am. But as soon as we reached our destination it started raining AGAIN! So we got half drenched on our way back and Rashmi had to carry her footwear & walk. I thought she would complain that I am making her walk through slums and in rains but what I realized that over the years she has really evolved as a person.

Then after some quick snaps at Worli sea face we pit stopped at a seaside cafe. Over there I took some candid shots a.k.a. captured more of the real Rashmi with an empty cup of coffee! :p

After playing peek-a-boo with the cranky weather and authorities we finally headed towards our studio. As we entered the studio I saw it was packed with a lot of media personals with news channels like AAJ TAK , ABP News & etc, all prepped for the coverage.

Over there we had planned for a early morning 'Wake Up' look that is very less makeup and a lot of cuddling with pillow and blanket in bed. Talking about the makeup, it was done by Neeraj Navare who did a fabulous job of giving me the minimal yet beautiful layers. While hairstyling was done by Mehgna Vichare who was always on her toes, running back-n-forth to put every strand of hair in its place.

It was a fun day shooting with Rashmi as she always gives me the freedom to experiment with different looks. That is why when asked by media about the experience she kept referring to me as her Doctor-Surgeon who every time applies a new layer of perspective to her persona through his ideas and photography skills!

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