Soaked, jammed and behindhand! Yes, we were running late but it was all worth it!
21 Jan 2017 by Luv Israni

Mumbai’s exiting monsoons means it all comes down in stair rods! On 20th September, the maximum city was sopping with maximum rains! It was pouring cats and dogs! Right by the bridge, the road bottlenecks saw vehicles moving in slow-mo, a scene straight out of the The Matrix, à la famous bullet-dodging effect. As far as my team is concerned, we were dodging the weather god, desperately trying to be on time for the shoot. We reached our destination, finally, albeit at 11 a.m., for a shoot that was scheduled for 9 a.m. A full 2 hours delay meant we missed the bus? No, no one kicked up a fuss as everyone was unanimously late to the show. The rain gods never discriminates. Never, ever! Everyone is equal under his clout.

A fashion shoot for my cousin Amaira Agicha, the fashion designer's look book at Sirkus Club, Sahara Star, Domestic Airport, Mumbai.I had recommended New York Film Academy alumna and fashion model Priyanka Karunakaran – whom I had known since college days and had shot her earlier in a fabulous session. A nimble-footed model is a lensman’s dream. We were able to pull off 10 different looks in a day’s time without compromising on the expressions and body language. Spick-and-span kinesics!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Amaira's great collection, tailor-made for the fashion shoot. All the garments had a dash of uptown fad with cuts and colors especially the shocking blue jumpsuit. 1970's perfection. Most flattering fit ever! Loved the way Priyanka elegantly carried all the outfits with elegance and poise. Trust herlanky & dusky demeanour to pipe up the overall beauty of the outfits.

We had NirajNavade as the makeup artist who did an outstanding job of implementing different looks on Priyanka. My pick was the stunning bronzed look. Sun-kissed goddess! Priyanka’s hair were styled by MeghnaVichare. The multiple coiffures commenced with the nonchalant wavy hair to heavy curls and culminated with slicked back hair. You need some chutzpah to pull it off and Priyanka had it all. Thanks Meghna!

What’s a photoshoot without the locations and environment? Zilch, zero, nada! That’s where my much gratitude for the management of DJ Aqeel’s, Sirkus comes into play. Boasting of a plush décor and electrifying ambience, we had the exclusive privilege of shooting at the nightclub. We manoeuvred around the interiors and disco lights which help lit our photoshoot even more.

It was a long day but the fun quotient was longer as things got exciting with each shot and outfit. And, of course, the music at the club lifted our spirits in million ways, one beat and one rhythm at a time.

From what started off as a struggle with time and climate ended as a gratifying quest. All’s well that ends well!

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